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What is your holiday dream? Sea, sand, sun...
Sure, all these are indispensable for a summer holiday but if you chose Dalyan as a holiday place, you should also be ready to adventure of nature and ancient world.
Rent a car in Dalyan and schedule a stroll before you come to Dalyan. If you book your rental car for Dalyan early you can pay less money for car hire so you can spent residual money for visiting every part of this mystic place.
The first place we advice you to see is Mud Baths containing calcium, magnesium and sodium lets your skin to take a breath and make you feel refreshed. Do not forget that this crazily adventure has 10 years of rejuvenation effect.
You have taken 10 years of your age at mud bath, now the next is Sultaniye Thermal Spring. You will find health in there where many world wide famous people are hosted. You will not want to get out from this healthy thermal spring water which is cure for backache, rheumatic, sciatica pain, skin and gynaecological diseases. Sultaniye Thermal Spring is the most radioactive thermal spring in Turkey and second one in the world after the one in Endonesia.
Do you like the turtels? If your answer is "yes�, organize a boat tour and cruise to Iztuzu Beach. You will take plenty of photos there because this beach is a rare place in the world where sea turtels use as spawning area. That is why Iztuzu Beach is protected by Wildlife Conservation Association.
 Other interesting places in Dalyan to visit are Ancient Caunos City, Antique Theatre, Greek Bath and Rock Tombs.
We think that Dalyan make a sensation for you and you would like to visit this area as soon as possible so at this point we would like to give you Car Hire Service in Dalyan. You can visit all these places very quickly without loosing any time with our rental car which you can select according to your family type. If you plan to visit Dalyan as a crowded group we offer you to book our minibus car hire service. This choice will be more comfortable and will cost effective for you.
Dalaman Car Hire Company is one of the first rent a car firm in Dalyan and adopted customer comport as a principle. Enjoy your holiday you planned to relieve tiredness of a year with our "quality vehicles� .
Dalyan is 25 km away from to Dalaman International Airport.
Depending your request our professional team members welcome you at Dalaman.
You can reach us any time through our mobile phones and get a support.

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